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I know I don’t normally share stuff like this, but the company I work for, The Purse Process™, is up for an award! Danielle Watson is a fantastic woman who aims to empower and invest in women entrepreneurs around the world. She has clients in every timezone, every continent, and helping her win this award would create some serious visibility. More visibility means having the means to elevate even more women, giving them the independence, confidence, and MONEY to provide for their families, help their communities, perhaps leave bad situations knowing they can take care of themselves.
The Purse Process™ began as “Aspire To Desire” and retains the same core values. That women deserve better. That women have been taught to sacrifice their autonomy for their families and partners, and it doesn’t have to be that way! That we can change the world. THAT WE CAN NO LONGER BE IGNORED! 
Please take the time to vote for Danielle Watson for The Human Spirit Awards. You don’t have to sign up for anything and it just take 2 clicks! If you’d rather not vote, please reblog. :) Polls close at the end of the week! Thanks! <3 
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It feels so scary getting old.
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"Self Portrait With Beautiful Woman"
Woodcut, 2014
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Her Name
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I dont fear death as much as I fear my absence.
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We are all a work in progress.
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I struggle with self love, but I fight every day.